I'm Back! For A Limited Time...

Home, sweet home: no saying is more fitting to express how happy I am to be back in New Orleans.

Zorah's Tour to San Antonio, Texas

Don't get me wrong: my first visit to San Antonio was as sweet as can be! Besides meeting a few wonderful gentlemen, I ate delicious tex-mex food, had a cute time at the Riverwalk, and got to enjoy the pleasant rhythm of the city.

I will definitely be back in the future and plan on staying a little longer next time. If you're in San Antonio and wasn't able to catch me while I was there, sign up for my updates on the footer of every page of my website to be the first to know when I'm visiting again!

I am just so attached to the city I chose as my own it's always joyful to be home. That's how love is, right? You can never get enough of what you love. And I sure love this city.

But, as summer in Nola gets to its peak, it's time make an important announcement

Zorah Matta, New Orleans Alternative Companion

I will be taking some much needed time off during the months of August and September. I'll do my best to keep up with my communications, through email, text, chat, or otherwise, but things will slow down considerably during that period.

I will be available for appointments until August 5, so if you want some Zorah in your life, you have the next three weeks to make it happen, or you'll have to wait until I'm back in October.

And, even though "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is another saying I believe to carry a lot of truth, why put off for October what you can do today? Book some time with me now and seize the day!

New Orleans Kinky Busty Escort Zorah Matta

New Blog, Texas Tour, Texting... Did I Mention New Photos?

For a while, I've considered creating a blog where I could share not only what's new in my life and the services I offer, but also thoughts and ideas I feel are relevant and can't fit into Twitter's 140 character limit. The time has finally come: News and Thoughts is here!

Signing Up for Updates

And to make it doubly good, you can sign up for updates in two ways: through your favorite RSS reader (using this link right here) or email, by filling out the form in the footer of every page on my website. You'll get a message every time there's a new post. Can you say practical?

July Texas Tour with Lena Duvall

What better way to start a news blog than with a cute little tour?

Doing so in the company of a brilliant and mesmerizing woman such as Lena Duvall!

It'll be my first time visiting Texas and I am anticipating a most amusing time. Lena has already ventured the area and is thrilled to be back.

We will be offering GFE and Kinky duos, as well as solo rendezvous. For reasons that require no explanation, duos are our preferred way of spending our time in Texas.

Here's our tour schedule:

July 10 to 12

July 12 to 15

Prebookings are already open and availability is going fast, so please refer to my Booking page or Lena's website at http://lenaduvall.com to reserve your time with us.

Wanna Chat? Text Me on Phrendly!

Are you the kind that enjoys chatting up before committing to an appointment? Maybe you're in an area too far from New Orleans or potential tour cities, and would love to get to know me a little better? Perhaps you simply love to converse with an intriguing, beautiful lady to make times more interesting.

Lucky for you: I am now available for chatting via text on Phrendly

Signing up is straightforward and you can start chatting right away. Also, by following my referral link, you'll get $10 worth of credits to try the service out. 

Let me be your virtual paramour and let's talk!

Brand New Photos

To bring this first blog post to a perfect end, let me share you some of the images from my most recent photo shoot

To see more, head to my Visuals page and follow me on Twitter, where I share more photos and other things you really want to know about!