Here is some information you might find useful before booking your session to maximize our MUTUAL enjoyment.

I require screening from all new beaus. Do not try to circumvent this stipulation; instead, use it as an opportunity for us to build rapport.

I'm usually able to reply to most inquiries every day during the polite hours of 11am to 11pm, but can be busy with other engagements; please be patient and rest assured I will respond as soon as I can.

Absolutely no negotiation of rates or use of explicit or lewd language will be tolerated. I will cease all communication immediately in case you attempt either.

I dedicate myself to being at my most presentable for our encounter, be it a delightful dinner date or a deeply personal exchange within four walls. Therefore, I expect the same, so be freshly showered and well groomed, with minty breath and clean hands and nails for our date. If you need to refresh yourself, please note so.

Any requests should be made at the moment of booking, not at the day of our date, much less an hour before. Requests will be accommodated on an individual basis and a fee might be charged.

Consideration must be made available in an unsealed envelope in plain sight for private settings or in a gift bag for public settings. Cash only.

Take the time to become acquainted with my ratesscreening practices, and cancellation policy prior to booking to avoid wasting both my time and yours.

If you wish to post a review of our date, I ask that you do so in a tasteful manner and do not include any personal information I have chosen to share with you - and you only.