I am delighted to have so many delectable, enticing friends both in New Orleans and elsewhere, and even more so to introduce them to you.

Playmates in New Orleans

If two is company, three (or more!) is an ecstasy of its own kind, to which my dashing playmates and I are ready to lead you. After all, life can definitely be made more pleasurable with some collective amusement.

Duo sessions are 90 minutes minimum, and rates vary according to the chosen partner.

Friends in New Orleans

If you are looking for a different flavor than what my playmates and I can offer, may I suggest you check on these local beauties?

Please also visit The Honey House, a directory of New Orleans based independent providers which I am proud to be a part of.

Friends Elsewhere

There is certainly fun to be had beyond New Orleans. Here are some folks that can lend you a hand with that.

Charlotte Page
Oakland, CA

Erin Black
Chicago, IL

Sophia Amelia
San Francisco, CA

Inara Lorde
Chicago, IL

Devorah Reine
San Francisco, CA

Alexa Eason
Boston, MA & Providence, RI

Dead Flexxy
Eugene, OR & International

Luna Lovewell
New York, NY

Ami Vox
Eugene, OR

Professor Pink
NY, NJ, International

Alexis Chantelle
NOLA, LA & Nashville, MS


Sophia Subnopa
Paris, France


Jane Way
Toronto, On

Asha Sing
Toronto, ON